The spotlight on LED lighting

LED lighting is a simple choice to save money and improve your carbon footprint. LED lights are easy to install into existing sockets, produce less heat and provides more light.

It is estimated that LED lights use 85% less electricity when compared to conventional heating and about 18% less compared to compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). In addition, LED lights have a lifetime of 25 000 hours. And since they have no fragile filament, you will save money on replacing lights.


In addition to the significant savings you can experience by using LED lights, there are several benefits to LED lighting.

Instant light – LED lights switch on and off instantly with no flicker. And unlike many CFLs, LEDs require no warm-up time.

Mercury-free – CFL bulbs use a small amount of mercury. Even the smallest amount of mercury can harm the environment, often because it is not disposed of correctly.

Similar look – with the advances in LED design, these lights look similar to conventional bulbs, making it easy to replace them with LED lights.

More light, less energy – as already mentioned, LED lighting is an ideal option if you’re concerned about your impact on the environment. Savings extend beyond your immediate electricity bill. In addition, with LED lights’ longevity, less packaging, maintenance and even transport are required, all cutting down CO2 emissions.

Be cool – LED lights glow much cooler than traditional halogen lamps, limiting damage to light fittings and lampshades.

Fewer insects – indications are LED lights attract fewer insects, giving you a break from bites and minimising cleaning around your lamps.

Fun factor – LED lights are increasingly used in different products like LED strips that can change colour and brightness, strings of fairy lights, etc.


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