LED floodlights for improved outdoor security

Taking care of outdoor security upgrades don’t need to break the bank. For example, LED floodlights and LED lights with motion sensors can significantly improve your home’s safety and security.

Installing LED lights for outdoor security

Your driveway is a high-risk location, particularly if it is dark or concealed. Criminals look for easy targets and opportunities where they’re not likely to be spotted. Installing LED motion sensor lights are a good option if you want to keep your electricity bill under control while increasing your outdoor security.

Reasons to install LED floodlights

Having low-energy lighting outdoors will make entertaining so much easier. Light up your braai and pool area to ensure you can keep an eye on the coals and the splashing.

In addition to the security benefits mentioned above, LED floodlights also helps your security company spot intruders while they patrol.

LED floodlights provide you with more light while consuming less energy than most other types of lighting.

Another benefit of LED floodlights is their longevity.

Although LED floodlights are great for outdoor security, they can also be used for aesthetics to light up your garden at night.

LED motion sensor lights

Motion sensor lights are often fitted with passive infrared (PIR). The infrared radiation triggers the light to turn on when it detects movement. The benefit of the sensor being passive is that it doesn’t use energy for detection. As an additional security layer that saves energy, LED motion sensor lights will only use electricity when triggered to turn on.

Where to buy LED floodlights and LED motion sensor lights

Krilux Lighting is a one-stop-shop for all of your lighting needs. As a top lighting supplier, we can provide our customers with a comprehensive product range to choose from, including LED floodlights and LED motion sensor lights to increase your outdoor security. If you need help in deciding on the correct bulb, get in touch with us today.