When you purchase fluorescent tubes, you have chosen a light that will work in a multitude of spaces.
You will be pleasantly surprised with the amount of light you are getting while using less energy at the same time. With a longer lifespan than normal lights, there is no reason you shouldn’t pick up a few of these lights for your home and office.

Advantages Of  Using Fluorescent Lights

Energy Efficient Compared To Incandescent Lamps :

If you compare fluorescent tube lights to incandescent lights, you will see that the former produces the same amount of light using less energy input.
This makes it a great alternative to lights which will consume a lot of energy unnecessarily.
You will not only be decreasing the amount of energy you are using but also the amount of energy you have to pay for.

Improved Lifespan:

Something which we all focus on when buying lights is the fact that it needs to last a substantial amount of time in order to get the full benefit and value for what you paid for.
fluorescent last an average of 10 to 20 times longer than incandescent lightbulbs. With this having about 6000 hours plus operational time.

Improved Light Diffusions And Distribution

We at Krilux feel that fluorescent lights benefit you as they provide bigger light sources than normal lights.
They provide light which results in illumination distribution in an area and diffuse the light meaning that the light is not so harsh to the eye.
If you want convenience then you should take a look at the fluorescents which we have on offer for you.

Decreased Heat Emissions

These lights create more visibility, while also not emitting so much heat that it becomes uncomfortable.
With incandescent lights, the heat generation can be too much at times, as these lights consume a lot of energy in order to function.
Where energy consumption is decreased in fluorescents, so too is the amount of heat expenditure.