Compact Fluorescent Suppliers In Johannesburg

We believe that by offering choice, and an abundance of choice, we will be supplying clients with what they want and need. Compact fluorescents are lights that can be very advantageous. We have taken our time to find lights which will always be a benefit, rather than something which will waste your time and energy.

This type of lighting can be used in many different ways and is far better than your standard incandescent lighting. Take a look at what we have to offer, as well as the advantages which these compact fluorescent lights provide to you. You won’t be disappointed.

Advantages Of Compact Fluorescent Lights

Cost Effective

Where compact fluorescent lights may cost more in the beginning, when you take a look at how long they last, the initial expense will be well worth it. Save 60% energy compared to incandescent bulbs, reducing home electricity consumption significantly with Compact Fluorescent lighting.


Replace incandescent bulbs with efficient lights, save energy, money, and maintain the same brightness level. Transition to cost-effective illumination.

Helps To Reduce CO2 Emissions

Choosing eco-friendly lighting reduces environmental impact, benefiting Earth and future generations in homes and offices. Make a positive difference.

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