Advantages and applications of LED lighting

LED lighting is enlightening every dark region and item that requires illumination. In the field of energy-efficient technologies, LED lighting is a shining star. The overwhelming advantages of LED lighting over traditional lighting such as incandescent bulbs and CFLs make them the greatest choice for any light installation.

Some of the benefits of LED lighting include:

  • They are energy-saving.
  • They are versatile since they are available in various colours.
  • They are compact yet powerful.
  • They are cooler than traditional lighting sources.
  • They are brighter than traditional lights.
  • They can be dimmed.
  • They have a long life expectancy which also lowers the cost of maintenance and replacement.
  • They emit concentrated light.
  • They are very shock resistant.

These benefits demonstrate that LED lighting is the ideal choice for both indicator and illumination lighting applications in every aspect.

However, LED lighting is not without its flaws. The most significant drawback of LED lighting installations may be the high initial cost.


Whether you are considering installing new lighting in your house or replacing existing lighting, highlighting your favourite displays, or adorning your backyard swimming pool with spectacular lighting, LED lighting is always a great choice. LED lighting actively produces enchantment and colour in every imaginable area, including industrial, commercial, residential, security, public spaces, hospitals, automobiles, and electronics.

Some key areas that feature LED lighting include:

Retail market, including shopping malls, jewellery stores, clothing stores, boutiques, etc.

Offices for creating a comfortable working environment.

Industrial and warehouses for quality lighting at a lower cost.

Outdoors, including roadways and parking structures at parks, hotels, airports, and railway stations. Homeowners also use LED lighting to illuminate their landscaping, including special features like water fountains, ponds, etc.

Art and ornamental lighting like Christmas trees, frames, showcases, etc.

Underwater applications like swimming pools, aquariums, etc.


With so many different uses for LED lighting and its multitude of benefits, it’s easy to see why it is an excellent choice for any application. Krelum Lighting is a one-stop shop for all your lighting needs. From LED lighting to traditional light sources, we have it all. Contact us for more information about the right lighting solution for your needs.